David Kent Irons out the kinks in his Swing

I am always thrilled when pupils see an improvement in their game. One member who has had a superb year in 2014 is David Kent. He has been a regular winner this year but we still feel there is improvement to be had. We have spent most of the last few months trying to get his shaft on plane during his backswing as he tended to get it a little flat going back, which caused him to swing out-to-in on the downswing, causing some pulled shots.

This week he started to hit a few slicing shots so we had a look at his swing up at the range. Immediately it became obvious that although he was making a great effort to get the shaft on plane, he was lifting it there in his take away rather than rotating his body and hinging his wrists. This was not helped by a poor posture position (below left). His hips were too far forward, causing his spine to be a little vertical and his shoulders to become rounded, making it very difficult to start the backswing with a rotary motion. On the right you can see the improved posture with a flatter back, hips more back and more room for his hands to hang in.

David Kent address 1

David Kent Pre lesson set up

Address 2

David Kent after set up check

We then started to work on the take away. At this stage I added a prop, a two foot long piece of timber just behind his clubhead. I asked David to feel as though he pushed the wood away for a long as possible to get the feeling of a the correct take away, a turn rather than a lift. Again you can see the difference in clubhead position below, before on the left and improved on the right.

Take Away 1

David Kent take away pre lesson

Take away 2

David Kent take away mid lesson



This then continues to his first checkpoint where the shaft gets parallel to the ground for the first time. At this stage I look for the shaft to also be parallel to the ball to target line (toe line). Again on the left is the lift outside and above the correct plane and on the right a much better position.

Mid swing

David Kent steep take away

Mid Take away

David Kent on plane


These are all very simple checks and drills that David can do on his own to keep his swing on plane. If you find that you are hitting a few week slices then all of the above should be checked.

a) Look at your posture in a mirror or long window; check that your back is flat and that there is daylight between your body and grip.

b) Check your take away. If you think you may be lifting the club too steeply on the backswing, then place a small piece of wood behind your clubhead and get used to pushing it away with your first move. If it is a correct co-ordinated move of body turn and arm swing then you should stay in contact with the wood for at least 12 inches.

c) To check your swing plane, whatever the club, whatever your height, whenever the shaft is parallel to the ground, it should also be parallel to the ball-to-target line. This could happen 5 times during your entire swing.

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