Custom Fitting at Rookery Park Golf Club

Rookery Park Pro Shop offers a free custom fitting service to ensure that your equipment is made to suit your build and technique. Custom Fitting is not just for low handicap golfers, every player can benefit from 'made to measure' golf clubs. Here at Rookery Park we are committed to providing you with the perfect golf clubs, to maximise your performance out there on the course.

We are ready to tailor your ideal golf clubs to your requirements? Our PGA Professionals are experienced golfers, and can recommend changes to golf clubs that could improve your handicap, and fine tune your performance to cut out those costly mistakes on the course.

What is Custom Fitting?

Custom fitting is the process by which you clubs are tailored to ensure your performance is as good as it can be. A fully trained professional leads this process which can have many different aims, including;

- Adapting to a players physical dimensions (heights, size of hands)
- Reducing the ocurrence of a particular bad shot
- Encouraging the correct technique
- Ensuring the club face always arrives at impact in a square position.

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Who is Custom Fitting For?

Custom fitting is for every golfer, not just low handicapers. For beginners, having well fitted equipment is a great start to ensuring a fundamentally golf technique. For mid to high handicap golfers, looking at the club angle and type of shafts may help to overcome common swing faults.

For single figure golfers and professionals custom fitting can refine the game and help shave those extra couple of shots off the score.

Do my Clubs Fit?

If you have not been professionally fitted there is a good chance that you could see an improvement in your game by having your clubs custom fitted.

Shafts too Flexible

Ball flight too high
Hooked shots

Clubs too Long

Fat shots
Inconsistent striking
Falling away at impact

Lie too Flat

Missing target to the right
Over strong grip
Over use of hands

Shafts too Stiff

Ball flight too low
Weak shots right
Poor distance

Clubs too Short

Thin, low shots
Falling forwards at impact
Excess knee flex

Lie to Upright

Ball flight left
Weak grip
Dislike 'tight' lies